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Are You i-Homeowner Material?

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Everybody needs a place to live, right?  Park bench, tent in woods, Mom and Dad’s basement, even rental roommates in the extended version of the college dorm (ew!) are all realistic examples of where people live.  But you’ve decided…or someone has decided for you…that now is the time to venture out into the world of home ownership.  Most people in the United States would say that buying a house is a good thing.  The American Dream even.  So, let’s take a peek under the hood and try to figure out if home ownership is right for YOU.  Buying a house without a Realtor is possible; so is representing yourself in a courtroom.  Neither is recommended.

The Home Buying Profile…

You might have a home buying profile if:

a) you are financially independent (aka filthy rich)


b) you have had a good job for a while and make at least the average wage in your community.

c) you have good credit.  AKA you pay your bills on time!

d) you have a good relationship with a local mortgage lender who agrees with b and c.

Are You a Serious Tire-Kicker or Are You Just Serious?

Homeowners take their responsibility seriously.  At least they should.  Wannabe homeowners should too.  Buying a place to live involves commitment and endurance.  However, if you’re in love with the idea of falling in love then forget it…you’re just a tire-kicker.  Shopping for a home to buy can be fun but shopping is the easy part.  A serious home buyer/wannabe homeowner understands that the competition can be fierce and they have to be prepared if they’re gonna make it.  Anybody can drive around to Open Houses every Sunday and claim to be house hunting.  It’s fun to visit new home developments and stroll through the models and get decorating ideas.  But that’s not serious house hunting and won’t get you very close to being a Homeowner.  You’ll need a supporting staff of professionals to guide you and provide the assurances you’ll need to make the tough decisions that every home buyer makes.  Ask a RealtorĀ®!

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Decision Maker

Stay  Tuned…


So starts a series of posts to help you in your quest for home ownership.  Putting together your team is easier than you might think but I’ll put together some ideas and food for thought in the next few weeks as we get into the flurry of the Spring home buying season.

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