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Mortgage Pre-Approval Online for home buyers that intend to use a mortgage can be done here.  Getting a mortgage pre-approval is critical.  It allows you to know…for sure…how much a bona-fide lender is willing to lend; AND b) gives you a competitive edge so you can shop with confidence and be ready to prove to any seller that you are a legitimate buyer.  If you are NOT YET pre-approved just click below for a FREE, Quick and Easy mortgage pre-approval online from one on the area’s top lending professionals.  There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION!  Just click on the button and we’ll guide you through the simple process:

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Custom Home Search

Start your home search here.  Enter some information to get started and we’ll take it from there!   Put a professional in your corner.  We know what’s out there and how to find it.  Experienced home buyers understand that professional representation by a Realtor® buyer agent will not cost anything.  On the other hand, NOT being represented by a professional can be VERY expensive.



The Wild Rover real estate blog  — Real NOVA Today — will occasionally have valuable information and can be used as a forum for gathering additional information.  The link is in the upper left corner.


If you have a question or need more specific information just fill out the Contact Form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

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