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In The Beginning….


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Excellence is a Given

Dan Hill, Realtor®
Real NoVA Today Real Estate Blog is the latest in a series of blog venues about real estate.  Information of value about real estate needs to be shared with the public, especially home buyers and sellers.  Real estate transactions are rarely simple.   My intention is to educate today’s buyer and seller and bring to light some of the critical parts and moving pieces of a modern real estate transaction in Northern Virginia.  Real estate opinion, real estate news flashes, real estate statistics and general food for thought about real estate will be offered.  What you do with the information? That’s up to you.  Northern Virginia has been, is now and will continue to be a dynamic real estate market.  “Churn” as it applies to real estate was coined here: politicos, military, corporate headquarters staff and government workers moving up the ladder all add to the transient demographics we enjoy here.

Future blog posts will introduce you to the real estate process.  We’ll begin with the home buying process.  First-time home buyers need all the help they can get!  They can’t rely on previous experience to guide them.  So, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions and may even get to the point of answering some unasked questions.  I also think that we’ll introduce the various real estate forms that we use for our real estate transactions.  Most real estate transactions in Northern Virginia are carried out with standard forms created and approved by joint committees of real estate professionals and attorneys.  Initial exposure to these documents can be a little overwhelming.  We’ll break down these real estate documents into bite-size chunks and explain why they are so important.

Meanwhile, if you have a particular question or interest just fill out the form and I’ll get to you as soon as I can.